Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks To My New Friend Val

So I dedicate today to my new friend Val.  Who is Val you ask yourself?  I have no idea.  But I have found myself falling in love with her words of hope and encouragement.  During my late night searches for some kind of uplifting story I stumbled upon Val.  Is it her real name?  Probably not because she refers to her children and husband with foxtrot and tango names but nonetheless I can't get enough of her.  And I have to be quite honest I don't even want to become a "fan" because someone I know will found her and want to be her friend and then I might loose my best friend and then.....oh shut Amy.  Bunny trail is ending.  So Val is a blogger I found that is an Army wife with eloquence of a born writer.  She is very real (besides their names) but her emotion seems so raw and her wisdom so wide.  She has been married for a little longer than me but almost the whole marriage has been spent in the army.  She wrote in one of her blogs that she always has a better day when she starts out running.  Well more like brisk walking but running sounds better.  While the earth is still and the sunning is beginning to peek out, walk and get those endorphins in full swing. Well I didn't make it too early but I still did it.  The world was wide awake but I still forced myself to get my endorphins up.  She says I should use that time to formulate a plan while Scott is away of things that I would like to do or accomplish.  So I began that today.  I only came up with one so far and it is a pretty stupid one but it's still a start.  The splits, that's right it was not a misspelling I want to be able to do the splits.  I am the least flexible person ever and I don't want to be.  So there we have it Val...a start.  Val and her husband are about to go through the fifth deployment and they are still married so I have to believe she is of sound advice.  Most of the rest of my day was spent shopping and that would tire anyone out.  So tonight I sleep knowing that before the sun comes up I will pull myself out of bed, slip on sisters running shoes because I am too cheap to buy my own pair, and off I will go continuing to make goals and dreams for myself.  Scott is still living so I must not act like I am dying.

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