Monday, October 25, 2010

Against All Odds

Well against all odds I some how managed to get one bathroom cleaned, living room picked up, dusted, and vacuumed, kitchen spotless, floors mopped, kids fed and bathed, husband fed and arms scratched, and everyone asleep!  Now what it is 9pm and nothing...I hear nothing but the keyboard clicking away.  I am supposed to go to the gym with my neighbors right now.  However, my head is battling with the rest of my tired body.  Should my head win? Should I muster the strength to bend over and put my shoes on?  I am so tired!  AHHHH....fine my head wins and off to the gym I go:)

Well so much for Monday cleaning

I love to clean on Mondays.  I find it the best day to spruce everything back to place after a reckless weekend has ended.  Who wants to waste Saturday and Sunday doing chores?  I want to have fun!  Family Fun!  And most of all enjoy my two days of morning bliss, where my wonderful husband wakes up for morning baby duty.  When I hear that cry at 6 am and know that I don't have to budge.  BLISS comes over me and I feel like a queen.  But back to  I love mondays, kids off to school baby in bouncer and the smell of lysol fills the air.  However, today is not that day.  Today I deal with runny noses, painful swelling, and cranky crying.  At least the weather is inline with the kids.  Cold, windy, and rainy is all I see when I peer out the window next to the desk.  The wind is actually blowing so hard that it looks like a hurricane.  No wonder the two hours I slept last night I dreamed of tornados.  So here it is, the real WA that I have been not so waiting for, rain.  I now  regret not buying rain boots.  But I need the funnest pair and even though I have found them I couldn't see myself laying down 100 smackers for some rubber.  Note I said "couldn't" meaning that after going to the mailbox this morning in flip flops I feel as though I could spend significantly more than 100 smackers to keep my toes dry.  So for today, my monday, I relinquish all my plans and give my time to the three midgets in my house.  What I think is so funny that whoever just read this did so in about a minute, but didn't realize that it took me three hours to write.  During this tiny paragraph I have poured milk, made soup, changed not one but two poop diapers, wiped noses, and rocked a cranky baby to sleep.  Finding joy in the midst of chaos:)