Monday, October 25, 2010

Well so much for Monday cleaning

I love to clean on Mondays.  I find it the best day to spruce everything back to place after a reckless weekend has ended.  Who wants to waste Saturday and Sunday doing chores?  I want to have fun!  Family Fun!  And most of all enjoy my two days of morning bliss, where my wonderful husband wakes up for morning baby duty.  When I hear that cry at 6 am and know that I don't have to budge.  BLISS comes over me and I feel like a queen.  But back to  I love mondays, kids off to school baby in bouncer and the smell of lysol fills the air.  However, today is not that day.  Today I deal with runny noses, painful swelling, and cranky crying.  At least the weather is inline with the kids.  Cold, windy, and rainy is all I see when I peer out the window next to the desk.  The wind is actually blowing so hard that it looks like a hurricane.  No wonder the two hours I slept last night I dreamed of tornados.  So here it is, the real WA that I have been not so waiting for, rain.  I now  regret not buying rain boots.  But I need the funnest pair and even though I have found them I couldn't see myself laying down 100 smackers for some rubber.  Note I said "couldn't" meaning that after going to the mailbox this morning in flip flops I feel as though I could spend significantly more than 100 smackers to keep my toes dry.  So for today, my monday, I relinquish all my plans and give my time to the three midgets in my house.  What I think is so funny that whoever just read this did so in about a minute, but didn't realize that it took me three hours to write.  During this tiny paragraph I have poured milk, made soup, changed not one but two poop diapers, wiped noses, and rocked a cranky baby to sleep.  Finding joy in the midst of chaos:)


  1. Phew! Sounds like you need a break! Can't wait until your Florida visit. I'll pray for some sunshine on your behalf :)