Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Painfully Perfect Pie

Well hello to anyone who would actually read this.  As for my best friend Katie, I am finally going to write some of the funny and not so funny things down that happen to.  For years now she tells me I could write a book of all the crazy events that happen in my life and sell it.  Well I figure if I ever took her advice and actually wrote a book I would probably find it in some Dollar Tree marked for a quarter.  So, to not totally kill my self esteem I thought I would start small and try this thing that everyone seems to be doing....THE BLOG!

So let us talk pie, I find it a great way to start anything, a conversation, a dinner, a day!  Who doesn't love pie?  As some of you know I am having a little problem with this painfully perfect pie.  Since having Joshua I have become addicted to Edwards Hershey Pie (found in your grocers freezer)!  It is much cheaper at Walmart than anywhere else, just incase anyone wants to try it:)  I can't even really remember how this obsession started.  But nonetheless, here I am, almost committed to a rehab center for people who cannot stop eating pie.  Soon they might have to take the roof off of the house and use a crane to pull me out if I can't come up with a way to quit!  Some of you might say to me, "Amy, why do you just not buy the pie?" And I would say I try not to buy the pie but something within me tells me I have to or the world might stop turning.  Now since I care so much about the world could I really take the risk?  So tonight as I type this waiting for everyone in my house to sleep, I can hardly wait until I can tip toe down the stairs to sit in the quite and throw myself into that yummy pie.  Could my pie problem really be that bad?????  Shhhh, I think everyones asleep.... Yippy Skippy!


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  1. You have me craving pie now- this may be a problem ;)