Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Packing For The Unknown

Today there is a sea of cardboard and stuffing all over my house.  I am slowly beginning to understand the uncertainty of being a military wife.  I feel like I just unpacked all these boxes...hey I just did!  One year is all we made it for this stop on our journey.  Will we back?  Where will we go next?  Who knows?  I suppose wether or not you are military, none of us really know.  We can make grandiose plans but will they pan out?  All I know for sure right now is I have two weeks to pack my whole house into cardboard boxes and say goodbye to all of my things, treasures, trinkets I have collected over the years.  A year is a long time not to have any of your things.  But must of all my heart breaks for the separation of, not my stuff, but my other half.  Today is  really hitting me hard.  I know good days will come while he is gone.  I wouldn't want to live in some kind of abyss of sadness, but I don't want to have great memories without him.  Scott is the most incredible being to me.  Funny, loving, unselfish, brave...my favorite place to land.  My heart would be lost without him. I might be packing for the unknown future but one thing that will always be known is how much I love the man leaving me:)  Women have done it before and more will do it after me.  So let the packing resume.... And soon the gypsies will be on the move again!  FLORIDA HERE WE COME!