Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well we have all have either felt it or dealt it out; disappointment.  Sucks when you feel it and it sucks realizing it is happening to you.  I grew up in a great home!  Parents that were awesome!  The always made  me feel so important.  Never had I had to question how much they cared for me.  But now I am growing up and I am watching my so perfect life feel not so perfect.  You find out things about your family that aren't so pretty.  You learn about hurt and lies dealt out by people whom you had so high on a pedestal.  As great as my childhood was, I would never want to go back.  I would never give up what I have now for that.  I love my life and I think it is honest and great!  Will I disappointment my family????? Absolutely!  But my I weigh the priorities in my life and make sure that I choose wisely to keep those disappointments to a minimum.  We are only human so we are not perfect but we don't have to be selfish!
On a brighter note someone I am so not disappointed with is my brave sister stacy who finished her third IRONMAN today!  I would have moved mountains to have been there cheering you on if i could have!  I am so so sorry I wasn't there for you sister.  My heart hurts so badly.  I think my sister is so strong and courageous.  Her life is far from perfect but she gets up every morning with out complaint goes to the gym, teaches at school all day, and comes home for paper grading and right to bed.  Must people wish they had 5% of her will power!  I love you so much sister

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  1. Wow! Her THIRD ironman?! What a woman! Congratulations to your sister :)